Every angle in high definition

Did you ever wish that you didn't have to point your camera, but instead, you could capture everything at the same time? Now you can. It is as easy as making a normal video. Get in the middle of the action, and capture events as they happen, all around you.

See everything around you

Sphericam is a fully automatic device containing four synchronized video cameras. It is amazingly sensitive to low light - it can even shoot on a dark street.

The attached monitor lets you see what you are shooting, from the four fisheye cameras. On your computer at home, you can view your video instantly in a seamless, full 360 format. You can even upload it to Youtube or publish it to the web in an interactive format.

How to use Sphericam
Step 1. Insert SD card to switch on the device.
Step 2. When finished recording, press 'Stop' on the wireless remote.
Step 3. Remove SD card and upload using the bundled software.

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Sphericam consists of a camera unit, which contains four cameras. Together, they make a 720P (HD) panoramic video.

The camera is connected to the recording device, which also holds the monitor and sealed battery.

The camera lasts for 2-4 hours on a single charge (depending on if the monitor is switched on). If you use the camera while it's plugged in, Sphericam can record for more than 24 hours (a 32GB card will last even longer than that!)

Sphericam uses special video cameras which have a great sensitivity to large differences in brightness. They are far more sensitive than almost any other video camera on the market. Sphericam can even see in the dark using a special long-exposure setting.


4 (each camera has a fixed-focus fisheye lens)
Resolution of panorama
1280x640 (equirectangular)
1920x1280 (stereographic)
Frame rate
1 - 25fps (variable)
Recording time
Up to 3 hours
SD Card slot (up to 32GB SDHC)
3-cell LiPo 11.1V 2000mAh
Plug in power
DC 12V